Current Schedule


Feb. 8-11 --- New Testament Introduction hybrid class in Tulsa

March 4-8 --- Filming a Jesus documentary in NYC, and 2 church events.

April --- Discipleship event  in Chapel Hill N.C.

June 11-24 --- Tour of eastern Turkey and the Antioch Conference and Tarsus

June 25-July 3--  Visiting Paris and our Russian daughter Dr. Yuliya Tsutserov


January 14-16 --- Rogers Lectureship and Preaching,  First Presbyterian Church, Bennettsville S.C.

February 24-27 --- Seminar and Preaching at Martha Bowman UMC, Macon Georgia

May 22-June 2 ---  Tour of Greece and Turkey with Dr. Todd Still, Dean at Truett, Baylor U.

June 4-6 --- The Smyrna Conference,  Izmir Turkey

Postponed to June 2024 ---  The Antioch Conference, Tour of Tarsus, then flight to Athens and tour of southern Greece. *Postponed due to earthquake